Structured Settlement Payments Are For The “Squandering Plaintiff”, But You’re Not? Flush Yourself With Success After Lump Sum Cash Outs

Only a few live a life of rugs to riches out of the blue, for most of us, we’ve had to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of destruction. Popular stories trending nowadays about luck paving the streets with gold involve whopping lottery winnings or players taking down poker tables at high-stake games. With all the excitement that accompanies massive amounts of money, temptations to jump into a lavish spree flash through one’s mind. But such dreams can come crushing like a ton of bricks if you secure plethora bucks that won’t be paid on the nail as you wish. A good example is a structured settlement that splits up a plaintiff’s total compensatory award into future periodic income streams.

Tyson Khan lost part of his arm to a Michigan subway train. In a subsequent personal injury lawsuit, the defendant negotiated an out-of-court settlement of $75,000. Rather assume the risks of trial; he settled with the wrongdoer an annual disbursement of $7,500 in a structured settlement compensation scheme. At the time when the matter was concluded, Tyson had a long list of items he wanted to purchase with the money which he thought would be paid in single cash out. He felt frustrated after his first payments and decided to sell all of his future annual payments to pay off medical bills, buy a car and meet daily expenses. Each year, scores of tort victims like Tyson prefer to settle rather than plunge into unpredictable, lengthy and expensive litigation. Thankfully, the challenges that initially marred the structured settlement industry have been addressed by companies that buy annuities like his.

The Process of Selling His Structured Settlement

For Tyson, the idea of selling his structured settlements popped up when a co-worker informed him of a company J.G. Wentworth. He contemplated brief negotiations with the buyer in which he would cash a check in a day. However, the procedure turned out to be trouble-free after J.G. Wentworth gave him a quote at an incredibly low discounting rate when he called them.

Satisfied with the quote, he discussed his personal situation thoroughly with the structured settlement purchasing company. Convinced the decision was appropriate, he decided to go ahead with the sale. The company agreed to purchase his structured settlement to improve his circumstances. Before the deal was reached, a state court in Michigan approved the transaction. Since J.G. Wentworth already has a footprint and filing bookings with the courts, he only had to ventilate his reasons for selling the remaining structured settlement aggregate payment before a judge.

After the judge’s approval of the transaction, the buying company paid out his lump sum funds and improved his quality. J.G. Wentworth made the transaction a breeze for him giving him a cap up his sleeve by wrapping up the whole process within 60 days, which surpasses the industry’s standard timeline.

Why Did He Choose J.G. Wentworth Over Other Companies?

Before selling his structured settlement to J.G Wentworth, Tyson exercised due diligence to zero in a bidder who would shower him the whacking earnings. He was attracted by the company’s proven record and standing due to their A+ ratings from a vast segment of their customers. Tyson was keen to check the Better Business Bureau website for any complaints against factoring companies. Had he not compared different quotes from several structured settlement companies, he would have gone for unprofitable offer. Oasis Legal Finance gave him a quote that was $6000 less what he raked in with J.G. Wentworth.

Another company he contacted on their website on a Live Chat attempted to use the unequal arm’s length trump card to take advantage of his modicum knowledge in the domain. J.G. hit home and rendered the much needed professional assistance with legal expertise before the court and judge to cut the red tape. As his colleague had informed him, J.G. Wentworth turned to be his godsend.

Leading Structured Settlement Finance Companies He Recommended 

J.G Wentworth

Tyson recommends the company J.G Wentworth as the most reputable buyer of annuities and structured settlements for anyone craving a money-spinning offer of whopping sum rather than payments in ounces over a long-drawn-out period in future.

Stone Street Capital

Stone Street Capital is incorporated in Maryland but has punched through all states in the US to Michigan where Tyson lives. He was impressed by their attentive customer support and quick quotes retrievable via phone and a crystal-clear agreement. They could also act as his legal representative before a judge and file paperwork in court.


SenecaOne also grabbed his attention as because the company was running aggressive pitching on the TV. The ad intimated he could access payment packages aligned to his exigencies, giving him latitude on the price offer he was willing to take. However, he could not jot down the company’s number in a fast-paced commercial.